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2022:  COVID-19 Audio and Presentations

COVID-19 Policy Updates: The Code of Practice Webinar held on 6 October 2022

COVID-19 NEDLAC/NIOH Webinar held on 16 August 2022

Ms Boitumelo Moloi, Deputy Minister, Department of Employment and Labour, Charting a new way forward for workplace health and safety:
Introduction to the workplace occupational health and safety Covid-19 legacy programme, Dr Spo Kgalamono, Executive Director of NIOH
Combating the illusive and illustrious Covid-19 virus: Prof Salim Abdool Karim, Director of CAPRISA

COVID-19 Centenary Webinar – held 21 April 2022

S-05) Dr Barry Kistnasamy – NDoH presentation (21.04.2022)
(S-08) Dr Tanusha Singh NIOH OHORT Committee (21.04.2022)
S-11(b) Sr Denise Minnie – SASOHN presentation – Revised (21.04.2022)
S-17) Prof Salim Abdool Karim – CAPRISA presentation (21.04.2022-15h07)
S-09) Mr Norman Khoza – AUDA-NEPAD Presentation

COVID-19 Centenary Webinar – held 21 April 2022

S-04) Dr Ivan Ivanov – WHO presentation (21.04.2022)
S-06) Ms Aggy Moiloa – DoEL presentation (21.04.2022)
S-13) Ms Lisa Seftel – NEDLAC presentation (21.04.2022)
S-16) Dr Christy Braham – WIEGO presentation (21.04.2022)
S-20) Dr Ola Ogunleye – E-Learning presentation (21.04.2022-

COVID-19 Centenary Webinar – held 21 April 2022

S-10) Prof Daan Kocks – SASOM presentation
S-07) Mr David Msiza – DMRE presentation (21.04.2022)
S-12) Prof Cas Badenhorst – SAIOH presentation (21.04.2022)
S-18+19) Prof Mohamed Jeebhay & Prof Rajen Naidoo – Recommendations (21.04.2022)
Prof Koleka Mlisana: NHLS Response to Pandemic

COVID-19: The Evolution of Workplace Directives (12 April 2022)    

The Practical Experience adapted in the OH Setting by OHPs, as guided by the rapidly evolving NDoH Directives on Covid Screening: Sr Angela Butkovic & Sr van Zyl (SASOHN)
Managing exposure to Sars-Cov-2 in the Workplace: updated guidelines/regulations: Dr Itumeleng Ntatamala (UCT)
S-09) Mr Norman Khoza – AUDA-NEPAD Presentation (21.02.2022)
S-10) Prof Daan Kocks – SASOM presentation (21.04.2022)

COVID-19: Vaccines in the Workplace (25 March 2022)    

COVID-19 Vaccine Safety: Dr Dishiki Kalonji (SAMRC HPRU)
COVID-19 Workplace Vaccination Program: Dr Yamanya Tembo (Public Health Medicine Registrar, UCT)
COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Professor Shabir Madhi (Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences; Professor of Vaccinology at Wits)

Ergonomics and COVID-19: What are the lessons learnt (24 March 2022)    

Tele-Working: Ms Thato Malesa (Ergonomics Consultant, Gijima)
Working conditions before and during Covid-19: Mrs Sma Ngcamu-Tukulula (MD and certified Ergonomics Professional; Smart Ergonomics)
Cognitive aspects of working during Covid-19: Ms Lesedi Milanzi (Ergonomics Consultant, ERGOnomics TECHnologies)

Occupational Health Surveillance System (OHSS): Update on reporting (10 March 2022)    

Update on OHSS business registrations and data submission – Ms Lesedi Monaiwa (NIOH Epidemiology & Surveillance Section)
Key findings from OHSS data – 1 Oct 2020 – 31 Oct 2021 – Dr Nonhlanhla Tlotleng (Epidemiology & Surveillance)

2021:  COVID-19 Audio and Presentations

Occupational Health Surveillance System (OHSS): CSV New Platform & data submission demo (20 August 2021)    

CSV platform user demonstration – Ms Lesedi Monaiwa and Dr Nonhlanhla Tlotleng (NIOH Epidemiology & Surveillance Section)
Trouble shooting during data submission – CSV user-guide – Mr Monty Rambau (NIOH Information and Technology Department)

COVID-19 Occupational Health Services for COVID-19 in the health sector  (29 July 2021)    

Hospital COVID-19 OHS readiness for the 3rd wave in South African health facilities – Dr Nkululeko Thunzi
HealthWISE COVID-19 risk assessment for the 3rd wave in South African health facilities – Mr Jonathan Ramodike
Practical interventions for COVID-19 3rd wave in South African health facilities – Prof Muzimkhulu Zungu

COVID-19 Droplets versus Aerosols & ventilation – The role of ventilation in the Workplace (22 July 2021)    

The historical basis of the aerosol-droplet discussion – Prof Derk Brouwer
Practical implications and the measurement of ventilation in rooms – Mr Kevin Renton

COVID-19 and Skin Conditions in the Workplace (15 July 2021)    

Skin reactions to COVID preventative measures (cleansing agents & PPE) & alternatives to reduce the impact – Ms Anna Fourie

Occupational Health Surveillance System – An Update on changes (14 July 2021)    

Overview of OHSS: Template changes – Dr Nisha Naicker
Registration process: Data Confidentiality and Security – Dr Jabu Mtsweni
CMORE Submission – Mr Herman Le Roux
New Platform CSV Upload – Mr Monty Rambau
API Submission– Mr Monty Rambau

South African Ergonomics Regulations 2019: Implications for the Construction Industry (09 July 2021)    

Welcome & Introduction to NIOH – Dr Spo Kgalamono
Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 and Ergonomics Regulations, 2019 – Mr Warren Mallon
Reporting and managing of Ergonomics Incidents within the Construction Sector – Mr Mduduzi Mthethwa
Ergonomics in construction industry: Engineering perspective – Dr Busisiwe Nyantumbu-Mkhize
Occupational Health Programme aligned to the new Ergonomics Regulations – roles & responsibilities – Dr Izak Olivier

 Long COVID and the Workplace – an Update (08 July 2021)    

Long COVID: Follow-up Update on NICD research study findings Dr Murray Dryden & Dr Waasila Jassat
“Long Covid” and the occupational health implications – Prof Shahieda Adams
Rehabilitation for “Long Covid” – Prof Romy Parker

 Working from Home – OHS Policy and Reasonable Accommodation During COVID-19 (01 July 2021)    

Introduction to working-from-home (WFH) – regulatory framework and case law – Mr Godknows Mudimu
Employer/employee duties with regard to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) in working-from-home (WFH) – Dr Jan Lapere
Working from Home OHS Policy and Compensation – Chief Inspector (OHS) Mr Tibor Szana
ADDITIONAL RESOURCE: Indexed and paginated bundle of presentation authorities
ADDITIONAL RESOURCE: ILO – An employers’ guide on working from home in response to the outbreak of COVID 19

 Basic ventilation requirements, COVID-19 directions & National Building Regulations & Other Guidelines

 (03 June 2021)    

COVID-19 directions & basic ventilation requirements (from a regulatory perspective) – Ms Jabulile Mhlophe
Ventilation requirements for COVID-19 (from engineer point of view) – Mr Tobias van Reenen
Ventilation and workplace exposure (from Occupational Hygiene perspective)

Occupational Health and Safety Workplace Systems and COVID-19 (27 May 2021)    

COVID-19 Update and workplace preparedness – Dr Nompumelelo Ndaba
Necessary Occupational Health and Safety System in workplaces – Dr Edward Sepirwa
Additional workplace systems during the time of COVID-19 – Dr Mazvita Mberi
Occupational Health Surveillance System: Dr Hloniphile Maso
What every manager should know and do: Ms Michelle Morgan

Workers’ rights in the era of COVID-19 and the workplace (18 May 2021)    

Compensation for COVID-19 and the workplace – Ms Nokuthula Shilangu
Medico-legal aspects of COVID-19 in the workplace – Dr Jan Lapere
COVID-19 Rights and Duties – towards a better understanding of the law – Mr George Khan
ADDITIONAL RESOURCE: Indexed and paginated bundle of presentation authorities

Mental Health Resilience for Health Care Workers (04 May 2021)    

Introduction: COVID-19 & resilience – Prof Annatjie van der Wath and Prof Tanya Heyns
Resilience in the time of crisis – Dr Marion Borcherds and Radhi Vandayar
The Grit Scale: Grit and ambition questionnaire

Workplace Risk Assessment, Cleaning, Decontamination, Storage & Transportation (29 April 2021)    

Principles of Workplace Health Risk Assessment – Mr Gabriel Mizan
Risk Assessment Tools – Ms Dikeledi Matuka
Cleaning and disinfecting in different workplace settings – including storage and transportation – Dr Charlene Andraos

COVID-19: Long COVID and the workplace (22 April 2021)    

Long COVID, global and SA data – Dr Murray Dryden
The impact of the workplace & considerations for “Fit for Work” certification – Dr Neil van Tonder
Management of COVID-19 in the workplace: Designing a workplace program – Dr William Kleynhans

Launch: Regulations for Hazardous Chemical Agents (20 April 2021)    

Message of support – Dr Spo Kgalamono (NIOH Executive Director)
Background to the Hazardous Chemical Agents 2021 regulations – Ms Bulelwa Huna
Regulation for Hazardous Chemical Agents – Ms Elize Lourens
The Utilization of BEI’s in a Medical Surveillance Program – Dr Greg Kew
GHS Implementation an industry perspective – Ms Deidre Penfold

COVID-19: What are the responsibilities of employers? (15 April 2021)    

Introduction: What are the responsibilities of employers? Dr Graham Chin
Legislated roles and responsibilities of Employers – Ms Michelle Morgan
What employers need to implement in response to COVID-19 – Mrs Karen du Preez
The employers COVID-19 containment in practice – Dr Jan Lapere
COVID-19 Legal compliance verification

 COVID-19 & Vaccination in the Workplace – An Overview – Repeat session (25 March 2021)    

COVID-19 Vaccine Science, Development and Safety: Dr Simba Takuva
COVID-19 Vaccine Workplace Programme Considerations: Dr Azwi Takalani
COVID-19 vaccine for Workers – Occupational Health Perspective: Dr Sipho Senabe
An occupational health based clinical trial in vaccination: An OMP’s perspective: Dr Lumka Puwani
Vaccines and SARS-CoV2: Key take home messages: Dr Elizabeth Mayne

COVID-19 and Travel Medicine (18 March 2021)    

Business Travel during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Quo Vadis? Dr Albie De Frey
COVID-19 Aviation industry preparedness. Opening airports and borders for international travel: Dr Lesego Bogatsu
Travel and Tourism protocols: Mr Thifhiwa Tshivhengwa
COVID-19 Protocols for Travel and Developments from Port Health Services: Ms Pam Masilela

 COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace – An Overview (04 March 2021)    

COVID-19 Vaccine Science, Development and Safety: Dr Simba Takuva
COVID-19 Vaccine Workplace Programme Considerations: Dr Azwi Takalani
COVID-19 vaccine for Workers – Occupational Health Perspective: Dr Sipho Senabe
An occupational health based clinical trial in vaccination: An OMP’s perspective: Dr Lumka Puwani
Vaccines and SARS-CoV2: Key take home messages: Dr Elizabeth Mayne

OHSS Data Submission using Cmore – Creating your own reports (02 March 2021)    

Cmore – Creating your own reports: Mr Herman Le Roux (CSIR)

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Training  UPDATE (24 February 2021)    

Introduction: COVID-19 preparedness & prevention in the Workplace – Dr Graham Chin
Principles of Health Risk Assessment – Mr Gabriel Mizan
Risk Assessment Tool – Ms Dikeledi Matuka

Occupational Health Surveillance System (OHSS) for South African Workplaces: UPDATE  (11 February 2021)

Overview of OHSS – Data submission guidelines: Dr Nisha Naicker
How to submit data via NEXTCLOUD: Mr Fazil McKenna
How to submit data via API: Mr Monty Rambau
How to submit – Cmore (the creation of reports): Mr Herman Le Roux
What happens to the data after submission? : Dr Jabu Mtsweni
Dashboard Overview (Data Visualization Reporting): Mr Rethabile Khutlang

2020:  COVID-19 Audio and Presentations

The triple burden of COVID-19, HIV and TB in the workplace (29 October 2020)

Impact of COVID-19 on HIV TB in the workplace
Impact of COVID-19 on HIV and TB – clinical aspects
Occupational Health Services for COVID-19, HIV and TB – The South African Experience

Occupational Health Surveillance of COVID-19 in SA Workplaces – guidance for OHSS data submission (20 October 2020)

Overview of OHS – what data to submit and when?
Legal aspects of COVID-19, OHSS data submission
Ethical aspects of OHSS data submission
Introduction to submission processes

Working from home during COVID-19 & beyond: An Ergonomics perspective (15 October 2020)

Defining Ergonomics in relation to work and productivity
Regulatory framework regarding Ergonomics in South Africa
Ergonomics considerations related to physical well-being while working from home during COVID-19
Home-based exercises for people working from home during COVID-19
Ergonomics considerations related to mental well-being while working from home during COVID-19

Legionella and COVID-19: Building water safety during pandemics and beyond (08 October 2020)

Legionella risk in premise plumbing during and post COVID-19 lockdown – How to ensure your building water system is safe during and post COVID-19
Disinfection solutions for Legionella control

COVID-19 & the Built Environment (06 October 2020)

Ventilation as a key control for COVID-19
Limits of ventilation for airborne infection control in high risk settings

Fitness for work considerations post COVID-19 (01 October 2020)

Long-term cardio-respiratory sequelae of COVID-19
Neuropsychiatric sequelae and considerations post COVID-19 illness
Principles of fitness for work and how it relates to COVID-19
Work capacity, rehabilitation and functional assessments for COVID-19
Disability assessments in the insurance industry and COVID-19
Medical assessment of an employee returning to work post COVID-19 illness

Ask the Expert: The use of fabric masks and masks with vents (18 September 2020)

Introduction and Overview
Wearing masks: first we didn’t, now we do. What changed?
DTIC recommended guidelines for Fabric Facemasks in the RSA: function properties and general-use guide

Ethical considerations of H&S personnel in workplaces – COVID-19 (10 September 2020)

Ethical considerations during a public health disaster/ outbreak: COVID-19 as an example
An overview of ethics in occupational health practice and outbreaks
COVID-19 related ethical issues specific to occupational health practice
COVID-19 medico-legal considerations in OH practice SA (Liability: case law)

 OHS in Urban Public Workspaces – for Workers in the Informal Economy (27 August 2020)

Introduction: OSH in Urban Public Workplaces
Local Government’s Responsibility – SALGA
Local Government’s Responsibility – COGTA
Innovative approaches to addressing local needs

Compensation for workplace acquired COVID-19: A practical approach (20 August 2020)

Compensation of occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, No 130 Of 1993 (COIDA)
Instruction on Compensation for occupationally acquired COVID-19 under COIDA & the process of claiming
The process of claiming for COVID-19 under COIDA
The employer’s responsibility around incident reporting and investigation
A basic approach to investigating COVID specific incidents in the workplace

The impact of COVID-19 on mental health (13 August 2020)

Positive communication during difficult times
Stigma and trauma related to COVID-19
Practical empathy: An antidote to stigma

Management of PUIs for COVID-19: Experiences across sectors (4 August)

Experiences in the Mining Industry
Experiences of an Occupational Health Nurse in a Hospital
Experiences in the Aviation Industry
Experiences in Local Government

Medical screening and testing for COVID-19 in different workplaces (30 July & 6 August)

Medical Screening for Covid-19
Contact tracing, reporting and notification
Quarantine and isolation – business continuity plans
Remuneration for COVID-19 related employee absence from work

Management of Persons Under Investigation (PUIs)for COVID-19: Experiences across sectors (17 July)

Experiences in the Construction Industry
Experiences of the Occupational Health Nurse
Experiences in the Banking Industry
Experiences in the Mining Industry

Discussion on COVID-19 Health Care Worker (HCW) Surveillance for NEHAWU (16 July)

DATCOV Sentinel Hospital Surveillance System
Results from the DATCOV Surveillance System
The Importance of Surveillance

Return to Work Post COVID-19 Illness/Lockdown (14 July)

Return to work post COVID-19 illness/ lockdown
Control of workplace high risk areas
Cleaning post covid-19 infected worker in the workplace
Practical experiences from an OMP

Workplace health risk assessment & PPE effectiveness (10 July)

Principles of Health Risk Assessment – HBA Focus
BioRisk Assessment tool for COVID-19
Testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)
The role of SAHPRA and the licensing process for medical devices
The Importance of Respirator Fit Testing

Vulnerable Employees Risk Assessment – COVID-19 (07 July)

COVID-19 update & comorbidities in the SA context – Data from hospital surveillance NICD
Vulnerable worker assessment (Rationale and what needs to be taken into consideration)

What useful OHS information resources are available for COVID-19 – workplace preparedness (02 July)

Available OHS information resources for COVID-19 workplace preparedness and prevention
CDC Guidance for cleaning and disinfecting
SafeWork Australia Recommended cleaning – supplementary info

What to do when an employee tests positive for COVID-19 in the workplace? (26 June & 01 July)

Medical Screening of employees – procedures & follow-up
Step by step approach to follow when positive employee is identified
Guidance on routine and deep cleaning of workplaces
Contact Tracing in the Workplace
Practical implementation experiences in dealing with COVID-19 positive employees

Available Control Measures for COVID-19 in specific workplaces (23 & 30 June)

Available Control Measures in the Workplace COVID-19
Administrative Controls, PPE and Medical Screening
Guidance on routine deep cleaning

What are the responsibilities of employers during COVID-19 (09 & 12 June)

Legislated roles and responsibilities of employers
What Employers need to Implement in response to COVID-19
Compensation of occupationally-acquired COVID-19 disease

COVID-19: Construction work & Return-to-work (04 June)

COVID-19 Update & Construction Work
Return to work procedures and workplace preparedness
Construction sector guidelines for COVID-19

Implications of COVID-19 on the Workplace – Training for Shop Stewards (26 & 29 May)

Workplace Preparedness for Shop Stewards
Required Precautionary Measures – Department of Employment & Labour
Screening Procedures & Follow-up

COVID-19 Training of Employees in the Food Industry (06 May)

COVID 19 update RTW food industry
Presentation 2. Warren Mallon
Presentation 3. Penny Campbell
Pesentation 4. Tando Magolego

Addressing Questions on “Return to work preparedness” (21 & 23 April)

Return to work Q&A session
ReturnToWork FFD Q&A
COVID19 QA session
Compensation Recap

Step-by-Step Risk Assessment for COVID-19 (04 May)

COVID-19 BioRiskAssesment
COVID-19 Training Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Training for Environmental Health Practitioners (24 April)

RTW Environmental Health Practitioners
Environmental Health guidelines

Labour Relations during COVID-19

COVID-19 Training for Health Care Workers – Train-the-trainer (09 March)

COVID-19 NHLS Staff Training (26 March)

NHLS COVID-19 Training

COVID-19 Training for the Health Care Worker [HCW] (09 March)


COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness for Education Officials and Teachers (16 March)


COVID-19 – Preparing GP’s and Dentists’ Practices (31 March)


BioRisk Assessment for Frontline workers (02 Aril)

Frontline workers. PPE use
COVID Training Risk Assessment Intro

Workplace Preparedness ohs Practitioners – Civitas (24 March)

Looking after your emotional well-being during this time: thinking about health care workers  (08 April)

Mental Health Training

Management Roles & Responsibilities during COVID-19 (09 April)

Mental Health Training

Addressing Questions of Return to work readiness (23 April|)

Return To Work
Medical surveillance and fitness for duty COVID 19
COVID-19 RTW Compensation_Sam
COVID19 mental health in the workplace