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NB:  Click here to read an important message to all employers from the Department of Employment and Labour, Chief Inspector for OHS. 

The OHSS aims to design and implement COVID-19 surveillance digital platforms and/or tap into existing platforms (e.g. those already used by employers) to collect symptom screening, testing, contact tracing, vulnerability data and return to work data through a surveillance system for all workers in the private and public sector. The operational requirements of the OHSS have also been subjected to scrutiny to ensure that it upholds all aspects –  in terms of confidentiality and ethical standards – as determined by South African Regulations in relation to COVID-19.

Read the first OHSS report here.

On this page are documents to assist with the submission of the relevant information as legislated in the DEL directive updated on 11 June 2021.

The updated COVID -19 Temporary Employee / Employer Relief Scheme(C19 TERS) Direction, 08 April 2021 is now available. This direction requires that workplaces submit their COVID-19 data to the NIOH in the manner set out in the National Department of Health Guidelines.

Read more here info on:  What data must be collected; Who needs to register; and Why you should register on OHSS.

To register your business on the OHSS portal click here
To view the updated workplace data submission guideline click here
TERS infographic – Click to view PDF
TERS Update: Vulnerable Employees – Click to view PDF
OHSS Report Infographic: Summary of key data – Click to view PDF


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View the list of occupations that fall under the occupational categories here
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Webinar – Cmore: Creating your own reports –  a hands on workshop (02 March 2021)

UPDATE – Webinar – Occupational Health Surveillance of COVID-19 in SA Workplaces (11 February 2021)

Webinar – Occupational Health Surveillance of COVID-19 in SA Workplaces (20 October 2020)

API instructional video

OHSS CSV submission guidance

View the Charter document here
View the CMore APP installation guides here
View the CMore APP description guide here
INFOGRAPHIC – Step-by-step guide for using the NEXTCLOUD platform
INFOGRAPHIC – Step-by-step guide for using the CMORE platform
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