The epidemiology and surveillance unit provides training on a well recognised data analysis software package STATA (stata corp). STATA is increasingly used in academic settings and those areas where flexibility in analysis is necessary.

The courses offered in STATA include a one day introductory course for those familiar with statistical analysis that want to become familiar with STATA. A 3 day course in basic analysis using STATA is offered and a 5 day course on Basic analysis in STATA and basic principles of epidemiology. A 3 day advanced STATA course is offered for those who have completed the introductory course.

Training is provided in Epi Info a free software package from the CDC. This training covers questionnaire development, data capture, checks in data capture, basic data analysis. This training is covered in a 3 day course. The epi info software is widely used by public and clinical health specialists.

Training is also offered in data capture, data management, basic epidemiology, principals of statistics and basic data analysis, questionnaire design, and study design. These topics are not covered in a standard course they can be tailored to your needs and levels. Please contact us for further information.

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Epidemiology and Surveillance

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