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Occupational Health

What is the process to follow in booking an appointment for an employee at the NIOH, for determination of a possible occupational disease?2019-02-09T10:40:57+02:00

The clinic days at the NIOH are Tuesday to Thursday on alternative weeks from 08h00 in the morning. Patients are seen on an appointment basis. The number to call is 011 712 6426/ 6462 to make a booking. The following is requested from all referrers:

  • Name and Surname of the client,
  • ID number and copy,
  • Physical and postal address of the company referring,
  • Vat number of the company referring,
  • Name and contact of the person referring,
  • Referral letter with brief occupational history and reasons for referral,
  • MSDS- Material Safety Data Sheet of what the client is exposed to.

Upon receiving the above, an appointment date will be allocated.

I am a Medical Doctor and would like to do the Diploma in Occupational Health with your Institution. What is the application process?2019-06-12T08:47:08+02:00

The Diploma is offered at the following universities:

  1. University of the Witwatersrand
  2. University of Pretoria
  3. Stellenbosch University
  4. University of Cape Town
  5. University of KZN
  6. University of the Free State

For further information on the programs please visit each university’s website.

I am interested in pursuing Masters in Public Health in the field of occupational hygiene. What is the application process?2019-02-09T10:53:01+02:00

The School of Public Health, University of the Witwatersrand offers the Masters in Public Health (MPH) in the field of occupational hygiene in collaboration with the NIOH. For further information on the MPH see the brochure from Wits below.

See MPH Wits brochure below.

How do I get a quotation for an Occupational Hygiene Survey that needs to be done at my work place?2019-02-09T10:54:34+02:00

The Occupational Hygiene Department of the NIOH provides information and advice about occupational health and safety to help promote safe and healthy working environments. To request a quotation use the contact details below:

Mrs Jeanneth Manganyi
Tel: 011 712 6500
Email: jeanneth.manganyi@nioh.nhls.ac.zap

Tebogo Nthoke
Tel: 011 712 6555
Email: tebogo.nthoke@nhls.ac.za

I am looking for information on hearing conservation and noise induced hearing loss, do you have pamphlets that can provide that kind of information.2019-02-09T12:14:40+02:00

The NIOH has produced a pamphlet called “Noise in the workplace and ‘Buy-Quiet’ Policy”. See the pamphlet at the bottom of the page.