Epidemiology and Surveillance

The Epidemiology and Surveillance section of the NIOH is involved in:

  • Conducting independent and commissioned research.
  • Research projects, including policy development projects.
  • Monitoring trends in occupational health.
  • Identification and quantification of occupational health problems.
  • Collaborative field surveys.
  • Teaching of Occupational Epidemiology.
  • Consulting on research in disease and hazards in the workplace.
  • Advisory services to support occupational health practice.
  • Research in occupational health indicators.
  • Using open software in database development and descriptive analysis of data.
  • Dissemination of research findings and other occupational health information.

Services Offered:

  1. Surveillance: Development of surveillance methods for selected occupational vulnerable groups, (laboratory and health care industry) and assessment of existing surveillance programmes (SAMODD) in industry and government departments, initiatives to develop occupational disease surveillance in South Africa.
  2. Conducting research in key national occupational projects and collaborating in research projects/initiatives locally (SADC) and internationally.
  3. Teaching epidemiology and application of research methods to occupational health practitioners, providing lectures in occupational epidemiology on request to universities and professional societies such as SASOM and SASOHN.
  4. Consulting in statistical methods and analyses of occupational research projects from other NIOH divisions and within public health institutions and government agencies.
  5. Mentoring and training of postgraduate students in research in occupational health field.

Providing training in:

  • EPInfo and STATA.
  • Basic epidemiological concepts.
  • Occupational databases.
  • Research protocol development.

For more Information about the Epidemiology Surveillance, contact:

Head of Epidemiology
Prof Nisha Naicker
Tel: +27(0)11-712-6436
E-mail: nishan@nioh.ac.za