Training Offered by NIOH

The training offered by the NIOH strives to promote development of the work environment, work communities and organizations, to enhance management of changes, and to further occupational health and expertise in these issues at workplaces.

Also included in the training offered by the Institute are continuing education and supplementary courses aiming to maintain and develop professional skills. The courses are meant for professionals and experts in occupational health and safety, for labour protection personnel, and for people working in personnel administration and production.

The training given is based on the NIOH’s research and development activities. Our training activities are guided by expertise in the spheres of health, the work environment, and work communities and familiarity with the practical operational models combining them. Impact is a key element in all of our activities.

In the training sector, our goals with regard to impact are:

  • A healthy and safe work environment.
  • A healthy worker whose work ability is good.
  • A work community that supports health and well-being.

Qualifications Training

The qualifications training given by the Institute can be applied towards meeting the qualifications set for occupational health service professionals and experts. Read more about the Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational HealthDPH/MPH in Occupational Hygiene or Epi STATA.