MSc (Med) Exposure Science

The MSc in Medicine by coursework and research report in the field of Exposure Science is offered by both coursework and research, or by research (dissertation) only. It is targeted at potential academics, specialists or professionals in the field of occupational hygiene, environmental health, environmental sciences, chemistry, toxicology, physiology, and more, with a scientific interest to bridge these fields. Human exposure science entails the study of human contact and interaction (exposure) with chemical, physical or biological stressors occurring in their environments, and advances knowledge of the mechanisms and dynamics of events either causing or preventing adverse health outcomes.

This MSc Med degree covers the principles of exposure science, focusing on understanding the exposure pathway, i.e. from source to the receptor via compartments such as air, water, in order to develop effective interventions to prevent exposure. The fundamental focus is the relationship between environmental and occupational exposures (i.e. to the general public, consumers, residents, workers) over the entire lifetime of a human being, and the potential impact on the health of communities and workforces. The degree also incorporates occupational hygiene and environmental health practices, which can be considered sub-specialisms of exposure science, however with a focus on controlling exposures. The expected output levels/competencies are academically trained professionals/ specialists/scientists in occupational and environmental hygiene (national health and environmental departments and services, consultancies, private and non-profit sectors, academia, etc.)

Read the Exposure Science short course brochure here.

MSC Exposure Science
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