DPH/MPH Occupational Hygiene & MPH Exposure and Health

Masters and Diploma in Public Health

DPH/MPH Occupational Hygiene

Applicants must have a four-year qualification from a university or technikon

The programme strives to develop public health practitioners who will:

  • Promote equity in health.
  • Play a leadership role in public health.
  • Attain a broad understanding of the core disciplines of public health.
  • Develop expertise in at least one area within the broad field of public health.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of health, the health care system and public health problems.
  • Develop skills of critical and analytical thinking.

MPH Exposure and Health:

Exposure and Health (E & H) is a new field of study in the MPH, and focuses on the relationship between occupational and environmental exposures and the potential impact(s) on the health of workforces and communities. Individuals are exposed to contaminants resulting from anthropogenic activities during their entire life times and in various environments. Prevention of potential health impacts cannot be considered in isolation but requires an integrated approach. Such a multi-disciplinary approach focuses on the mitigation of human health risk, either by control of exposure, or by reducing the vulnerability or enhancing the resilience of the workforce and community.

Read more about the MPH here: https://www.wits.ac.za/publichealth/academic-programmes/postgraduate/master–diploma-in-public-health/

MPH Academic Enquiries(Course Content-Related)
Ms Goitsemang Keretetse
Academic Coordinator
School of Public Health
Tel: +27(0)11 717 2355
E-mail: goitsemang.keretetse@wits.ac.za

Administrative Enquiries
Mr Oscah Molife
Course Coordinator
Occupational Health Division
School of Public Health
Tel: +27(0)11 717 2314
E-mail: oscah.molife@wits.ac.za