Information Services

The Library and Information Services Unit serves as a support function to the organisation and acts as a gateway to Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety information not only to the organisation but also to external stakeholders- including South African universities, the general public, SADC, the international community and the public health fraternity at large.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching and training activities of the organisation and to be the national service dedicated to the collection, access and dissemination of information.

Key Services

  • Provision of Library Service to the organisation, SADC, public health fraternity, South African universities, the international community and the general public
  • Proactive handling and responding to OEHS queries through the Query Handling Service
  • Accessing and disseminating OEHS research information
  • Provision of open access to the organisation’s research output through the Institutional Repository.
  • Through Archiving, comprehensively collect, document and preserve the identity of the organisation and provide evidence of the historical development over time
  • Organising information and improving user access to information by developing the organisations’ library collections in keeping up with research, teaching & training and business needs of the organisation
  • Developing capacity to source information for OEHS practitioners, OEHS university students and academics, workers, labour unions, labour officials and health and safety representatives.

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For more Information about the Library & Information Services, contact:

Head of Information Services
Ms Angel Mzoneli
Tel: +27(0)11-712-6436