Occupational Hygiene Audits

Audits are systematic critical analyses of the quality of occupational hygiene systems and practices. The audit cycle involves a process of repeating cycles of testing which result in progressive improvement and assurance of quality:

  • In order to be truly effective all occupational health programmes need to be managed systematically.
  • Whatever occupational health management system is being followed the general pattern above will apply.
  • The Occupational Hygiene Section can carry out a formal occupational health audit which will highlight the gaps between the practices being followed and the standards laid down or expected. Possible actions to rectify these shortcomings will be recommended.

For more Information about the Occupational Hygiene Audits, contact:

Head of Occupational Hygiene
Ms Jeanneth Manganyi
Tel: +27(0)11-712-6406
Email: jeannethm@nioh.ac.za