Health Risk Assessment Unit

Implementation and testing different models

Hazard and exposure models

The Toxicology Section is involved in the compilation and development of human and environmental hazard, exposure and risk assessment models, as well as in the analyses of the information requirements, sensitivity and performances of the identified models and tools

In vitro and in vivo dosimetry models

The Toxicology Section utilizes various in vitro dosimetry models for the estimation of delivered doses in cell-based in vitronanotoxicological studies. These models are necessary to take into account the effects of agglomeration on the particle transport and dose of nanomaterials that is actually delivered to cells at the bottom of a cell culture system.

Health Risk Assessment

The Toxicology Section has capacity to perform toxicological reviews (risk assessment) of novel and generic pesticides for registration with the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF).  For this review the Department utilizes toxicity, environmental fate and food residues data provided by the client as well its modelling tools to estimate the potential exposure for the characterization of the potential negative effects to consumers, workers and non-target organisms such as bees, earthworms, birds and fish.

For more Information about the Occupational Health Risk Assessments, contact:

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Dr Natasha Sanabria
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Head of Toxicology Research Projects
Prof Mary Gulumian
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