In line with the NIOH’s mission the Toxicology Section is committed to promote research in collaboration with national and international scientific institutions, provide specialized services, contribute to capacity development by training and teaching occupational toxicology to undergraduate and post graduate students and also provide consultation to governmental departments and industry in Occupational Toxicology.

The delivery of the aforementioned functions in the section is achieved through the four specialized units namely;


This includes investigations on the toxicity of mineral particles and the resultant susceptibility to various diseases. The Section has set up an array of in vitro techniques to assess the physicochemical properties of solid xenobiotics (nano and micro particles) that determine particle toxicity, mutagenicity and carcinogenicity. In addition, research on the genotoxicity of toxic compounds encountered in the work place is conducted in the section where a number of tests are set up. Research in the health risk assessment involves the analysis of biological samples for a variety of occupational and environmental contaminants using latest techniques.

Training and Teaching

Involves the provision of intern training to Technikon graduates, tutorials to BSc Honor students, supervision of post graduate students for Masters and PhDs and also organizing workshops on Health Risk Assessment and Occupational Toxicology.

Provision of Specialized Services

Industrial toxicology information, markers of oxidative stress and biomarkers of toxicity, genotoxicity and physicochemical properties of nano and micro size particles.

For more Information about the Toxicology Section, contact:

Head of Toxicology
Dr Wells Utembe
Tel: 011 712 6501