Occupational Hygiene

The Occupational Hygiene Section provides professional occupational hygiene services to help reduce and control workplace exposure risks promoting a safe and healthy working environment. The services include teaching and training, risk assessments, exposure monitoring, research and advise.

The services are cost-effective and provided to the private sector and the National and Provincial Government Departments that include Health, Labour, Defence, Correctional Services and that of Environmental Affairs, as well as support for occupational health and safety initiatives within the NIOH and the NHLS.

The section has maintained its accreditation with SANAS as an Inspection Body (full scope) and registration with the Department of Labour as an Approved Inspection Authority. It also provides analytical services for both internal and external clients.

The services include asbestos fibre counting using phase contrast microscopy (PCM) and respirable crystalline silica analysis using FTIR (Fourier Transmission Infrared Spectroscopy), XRD (X-Ray Diffraction) and XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) methods. The XRD laboratory (headed by Ms Madzivhandila) and the asbestos laboratory (headed by Mr Mizan) function within the Occupational Hygiene Section and under direct supervision of the Head of Section.


We are a Department of Labour Approved Inspection Authority (click certificate to view enlarged) for physical, biological and chemical stressors.

Approved Inspection Authority Services

  • Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment
  • Occupational stressors measurement or Occupational Hygiene Survey

Analytical Services

  •  XRD/FTIR Laboratory
  •  Asbestos Laboratory

Our Primary Customers Are:

  • NHLS
  • Departmentt of Health  and other government institutions
  • Public Service and Agencies
  • Small, medium and informal enterprises
  • By exception, other industries where the occupational health issues are of national importance or of specific relevance to the NIOH/NHLS programmes


The Occupational Hygiene Section of the NIOH provides information and advice about occupational health and safety to help promote safe and healthy working environments. This includes:

  • Information on health hazards
  • Interpretation of exposure limits
  • Proper selection of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Substitution of hazardous materials
  • Engineering or administrative control methods
  • Legal obligations
  • Good industry practice

For more Information about the Occupational Hygiene Section, contact:

Head of Section
Ms Jeanneth Manganyi
Tel: +27-(0)11-712-6406
Fax: +27-(0)11-712-6405
E-mail: jeannethm@nioh.ac.za

Mr Thembinkosi Matiwane
Tel: +27-(0)11-712-6498
Fax: +27-(0)11-712-6405
E-mail: thembinkosim@nioh.ac.za

Asbestos Laboratory
Mr Gabriel Mizan
Tel: +27-(0)11-712-6457
Fax: +27-(0)11-712-6405
E-mail: gabrielm@nioh.ac.za

XRD Laboratory
Mr Jonas Shai
Tel: +27-(0)11-712-6547/6421
Fax: +27-(0)11-712-6405
E-mail: jonasshai@nioh.ac.za