Work & Pregnancy

Reproductive hazards are any dangers that you may find at work or at home that affect your ability to fall pregnant or carry a pregnancy through to full term and deliver a healthy baby. It is very important for all men and women of reproductive age to know about the reproductive hazards in their jobs and homes, and the way to control their contact with these hazards.

There are number of known reproductive hazards found in many workplaces such as lead in foundries or low temperature in cold rooms, disinfectants in cleaning jobs and the home. Please examine this Reproductive Hazard List to see if you may be exposed. As soon as women know they are pregnant and if they work with hazards it is important to ask for an occupational risk assessment (a survey of the hazards and controls) to determine if their employer needs to move them to a different job during their pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

There are also harmful exposures at homes e.g. painting the new nursery. There can also be a build up of exposure from home and work, thus care must be taken anywhere when working with harmful chemicals and in physical activities.