Authors: Mizan G.E, Rees D, Wilson K.

Source: Occupational Health Southern Africa, 2016, Vol 22, Issue 4, P. 30-33.


Laboratory workers are exposed to various occupational hazards during the course of their work, which might affect the reproductive health of both men and women, including chemical, biological and physical hazards, as well as ergonomic and psychosocial risk factors. In this paper, some of the important reproductive health hazards that might be encountered by laboratory workers are described and illustrated with research examples. Although the mechanisms by which reproductive health outcomes are produced often remain uncertain, the majority of the research reviewed concludes that there is sufficient data to warrant special consideration of reproductive health in the workplace. Specific hazards, such as exposure to chemicals and irregular work schedules, might require the implementation of special measures to protect, in particular, but not exclusively, pregnant workers.