OHASIS is a comprehensive occupational health information programme that was developed by the University of British Columbia primarily for the health care industry. The NIOH has refined OHASIS through additional versions and customisation for the South African setting. However, OHASIS is intended for use in many varied industries and occupational settings.

During the development phase, OHASIS was piloted in many developing countries including South Africa. Rollout has occurred in the NHLS, Gauteng Department of Health and also the Namibian Institute for Pathology.

The NIOH has the exclusive rights to rollout OHASIS throughout Africa. OHASIS is a web-based programme which has the ability to control access to information of a confidential nature such as medical, personal and safety information. The following modules have been developed in OHASIS however additional modules can be developed and customised as required

Incident Reporting
  • Records and tracks workplace incidents by:
    • Exposure type
    • Cause
    • Contributing factors
    • Effect
  • Produces variety of relevant reports for health and safety committee managers, and senior executives, by occupation, department, etc.
  • Emails notification for investigation to the identified person
Incident Investigation
  • Facilitates incident investigations, including recommended prevention measures
  • Incorporates EPINet Needlestick and Sharp Object Injury and EPINet Blood – Body Fluid Exposure forms
  • Tracks investigation to closeout
Employee Health
  • Manages individual employee health, via secure and confidential module:
    • Occupational medical surveillance
    • Health history: acute and chronic conditions
    • Occupational history and risks
    • Vaccinations: Hepatitis B, Influenza, MMR, and others
    • Training received
    • HIV: Counselling & testing, CD4 count, vial load, treatment
    • TB: Symptoms, status, treatment
  • HIV and TB modules linked for ease of treating co-infection
  • Module only accessible to designated occupational health practitioners
  • Provides reports of aggregate employee data
  • Provides for a record of vaccinations given to an employee
  • Provides for a record of immunity status of the employee
  • Emails notification for due vaccination
Respirator Fit Testing
  • Provides a record of the correct make and size of respirator for the identified employee
  • Provides a tool to assist to predict a probable style an size for the identified individual
Workplace Assessment
  • Facilitates assessment of the workplace to identify hazards and models
  • Allows risk assessments and prioritization of recommended controls and prevention measures
  • Based on systematic and categorical workplace assessment checklist
  • Includes companion Field Guide reference book, internationally endorsed
  • Provides reports on workplace hazards by location and type
Health & Safety Committee (In development)

  • Generate Health and Safety Committee Agendas
  • Generate Health and Safety Committee Minutes
  • Import incidents into the Health and Safety Committee Agendas
  • Capture routine checklists for safety inspections
  • Import checklists into Health and Safety Committee Agendas
Hazardous Waste
  • Facilitates for the tracking of hazardous waste from pickup for treatment to disposal.
  • Provides reports on waste generated in Kg, number and type of contains used and outstanding consignments of waste sent for treatment where no proof of treatment and disposal has been received from the contracted company.
  • Facilitates a health and safety audit of facilities for set questions to determine level of compliance.
  • Provides for required actions to ensure correction in the event of noncompliance.
  • Provides for reports of findings and required corrective actions
  • Generates and sends reports to identified stakeholders by email
Equipment Maintenance Tracking
  • Record routine and emergency maintenance of equipment
  • Send reminders prior to the next planned maintenance
  • Upload maintenance records
  • Provides records of maintenance due and completed
Self-reporting OHASIS has the facility to allow any person, irrespective of them being a registered user or not to:

  • Report an incident online
  • Complete a TB cough questionnaire