Government Notice 66 in Government Gazette 32930 of 5 February 2010

In June 2008, the Department of Labour, amended the Occupational Exposure Control Limit for Silica in from 0,4mg/m3 to 0,1mg/m3 and required all industries handling, manufacturing and producing products that could cause exposure to silica dust to submit bi-annual reports indicating:

  • Level of exposure to respirable silica dust
  • Number of employees exposed
  • Number of samples taken and analysed
  • AIA performing the monitoring and evaluation
  • Composition of dust
  • Concentration of the constituents; and
  • Whether they are complying with the OEL for silica, and if not, what steps are being implemented?

The Department of Labour has now published a silica exposure compliance tool to be used by industries reporting the required information.
To download the form click here.