Authors: Milne SJ, Avenant-Oldewage, A.

Source: Afr J Of Biotech 2012; 11(9), 2333-2339.


Geometric morphometric methods using computer software is a more statistically powerful method of assessing changes in the anatomy than are traditional measurements of lengths. The aim of the study was to investigate whether changes in the size and shape Paradiplozoon sp. permanent attachment clamps could be used to determine the duration of the organsism’s life-cycle in situ. A total of 149 adult Paradiplozoon sp. ectoparasites were recovered from Labeobarbus aeneus and Labeobarbus kimberlyensis in the Vaal Dam. The software tool tpsDIG v.2.1 was used on six digitised landmarks placed at the junctures between the sclerites of the attachment clamps from digital micrographs. The tpsSmall v. 2.0 and Morphologika2 v. 2.5 software tools were used to perform principal component analysis (PCA) on this multivariate dataset. The PCA analysis indicated that the increase in size and linear change in shape of the selected landmarks, were significant predictors of the sampling season. This study suggests that it takes one year for the permanent attachment clamps of a Paradiplozoon sp. to grow to their maximum size in the Vaal Dam.