Authors: J Murray, JCA Davies, JI Phillips

Source: Medical Technology SA. Volume 26 No. 1, June 2012


Abstract: Medical technologists participate in research projects conducted by doctors and scientists. They should be encouraged to carry out their own research projects. Using data that is routinely generated in one’s own laboratory can minimise the need for additional resources. Information contained in the laboratory’s information management system (LIMS) is primarily used as a management tool. It can be utilised as a source of research material. The LIMS can be used to pose and answer research questions. Displaying your laboratory’s data in an annual report is a good starting point and displaying this data over time can be an important disease surveillance tool. The type of research that it is possible to carry out on data generated by the laboratory can be used to learn more about the utilisation of your services and improve the service offered by the laboratory. It may also be used to advance medical knowledge and carry out disease surveillance. Examples from the authors’ own experience in laboratory work are given.