Authors: Nelson G, Racette BA

Source: Chapter 4 In: Aging And Vulnerability To Environmental Chemicals: Age-related Disorders And Their Origins In Environmental Exposure. Weiss B (Editor). Manchester. RSC Publishing; 2013


Many of the world’s societies are aging at such a rapid rate that it threatens to overwhelm their resources and economies. Of all the problems this creates, the foremost is declining health. As populations age, they place rising demands on medical care systems but no longer produce the wealth required to sustain them. The burden would be more manageable if disease and disability could be diminished. This book focuses on how chemical agents affect the health of aging populations. Written by scientists who have investigated the environmental exposures that jeopardize optimal aging, this book will serve as an excellent foundation for policy decisions. It will be read primarily by those engaged in environmental or aging research. More general readers will benefit from learning about the chemicals to avoid.