Author(s): Utembe, W., Sanabria, N.M.

Source: Environ. Sci. Proc. 2022, 24, 2.

Abstract: Global climate change (GCC) models predict direct changes in region-specific rainfall patterns, floods, sea levels, infectious and heat-related disease patterns. The indirect effects of GCC on chemical risk assessment (CRA) have not received adequate attention. This study presents a synopsis of the implications of GCC on CRA, which forms the basis for both occupational and environmental health. GCC can make organisms more sensitive to chemical stressors, and chemical exposures can make organisms more sensitive to GCC. Consequently, occupational and environmental chemical RA will need mechanistic understanding and analytical tools to predict outcomes of multiple stressors and their combined effects.

Keywords: climate change; greenhouse gases; toxicology; risk assessment; adverse outcome pathways