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NIOH OccuZone Newsletter – Volume 1 Issue 3 January 2020

Happy New Year to all! May 2020 be a year of success and accomplishment. Every new year brings a time of reflection of what we’ve accomplished, what our new goals will be and what we are grateful for. At the NIOH, we are proud to have brought you this newsletter, aiming to continue being a platform for disseminating and sharing information about the institute’s activities, events and accomplishments. We are also grateful for the motivation and support of our readers.

January always starts with great expectations and a sense of new beginning, fresh ideas and initiatives. Everyone has resolved to make the year different and we are all recharged and set for race. In this 3rd issue of OccuZone, we report on the the numerous projects and activities in which NIOH staff were actively involved in the third quarter of this financial year. We highlight our research activities with a special focus on gold mine dust tailing emissions and the health implications on nearby communities. The scientific publications produced by our researchers are also highlighted as it contributes significantly to the wealth of knowledge in OHS. The edition also profiles one of our emerging researchers, and features an essential function of the NIOH – surveillance of occupational exposures and health outcomes. Details of the PATHAUT database is also in sharp focus with analysis that shows the trends of silicosis and TB in South African miners. This edition also features autopsy – one of the institute’s specialized services – and the compensation process by the Pathology Division. Lastly, we share our upcoming teaching and training events in the third quarter.