Authors: Jina R, Kotze JM.

Source: S Afr Med J. 2016 Aug 2; 106(9): 872-3


Background: The accurate recording of findings in clinical medicolegal cases is important, yet the current J88 form used for this purpose in South Africa has been reported to have many flaws. In addition, there are reports of poor completion of the form, which could in part be due to its poor design and clarity.

Objective: To describe the process that was undertaken to revise the current J88 form.


Methods: A repetitive consultative process was used to revise the current J88 form and to obtain inputs from relevant government institutions.


Results: A brief outline of the changes that have been made to the current J88 form and the reasons why these changes were proposed by national experts is provided.


Conclusion: The revised J88 form will provide clearer guidance to healthcare providers on the completion of necessary information in an expedited fashion. It is hoped that the form will soon be approved by the necessary government institutions.