Author(s): Andraos, C., Gulumian, M., Ichihara, G., Boowook, K., Yu, I.J

Source: Front. Toxicol. 4:1014600. doi: 10.3389/ftox.2022.1014600

Abstract: Dr Andraos served as Topic Editor for the Research Topic entitled “Occupational Exposure to Nanomaterials” for the journal, Frontiers in Toxicology. The exposure assessment of nanomaterials (NMs) in occupational settings is challenging due to several factors, some of which include, the lack of quantitative information about NM characteristics in occupational environments, a lack of consensus regarding the correct methods and equipment to use, possible ineffectiveness of current NM-based occupational exposure limits (OELs) and, lastly, a lack of sensitive and specific biomarkers for NM exposure. In total, four high quality articles were approved to be published under this Research Topic as each addressed at least one of these challenges. For example, Mariano et al. (2021) addressed the challenges faced with detection of micro/nano plastics and also introduced novel detection techniques. Kim et al. (2022a) showed the successful mitigation of 3D printer emissions whilst Kim et al. (2022b) addressed the lack of biomarkers by introducing an in vitro ALI-based biomonitoring device. Lastly, Masekameni et al. (2022) stressed the need to incorporate additional computational approaches that may improve current NM-based OELs.


Keywords: nanomaterial; occupational; exposure; nanoparticle; toxicology