Authors: Kangho Ahn Et Al.

Source: Toxicol Open Access 2017, 3:2


Development ISO TR 19601 : Aerosol generation for NOAA (nano-objects and their aggregates and agglomerates) air exposure studies is completed recently. The technical report (TR) reviews methods for generating aerosols of NOAA for in vivo and in vitro inhalation studies. The goals of this technical report is to aid in selecting appropriates NOAA aerosol generator to perform a planned toxicology design. The TR describes how to approach air exposure study design after considering workplace exposure scenario with providing a flow chart to select a proper NOAA generator for aimed study. The TR presents variety of NOAA generator currently used, and describes the principles of operation, advantage at limitation of the NOAA generators. This TR will assist investigators on NOAA inhalation toxicity testing how to design inhalation exposure study with selection of proper generators. This mini-review summarizes contents of the technical report and provides the current status of science in NOAA aerosol generation.