Medical screening and testing of Covid-19 in different workplaces (30 July & 06 August)

Remuneration for COVID-19 related employee absence from work

Medical screening and testing of COVID-19 in different workplaces

Reporting, Notifying and Contact Tracing

Medical screening in the workplace

Return to work post Covid-19 illness/lockdown

High risk transmission areas in the workplace and how to mitigate the risk

Return to work post Covid-19 illness/lockdown

Cleaning post Covid-19 in the workplace

What to do when an employee tests positive for Covid-19

Screening procedures and follow up

Approach on the management of a Covid-19 positive employee in the workplace

Guidance on routine deep cleaning of workplaces when Covid-19 positive cases have been identified

Contact tracing in the workplace

Construction Work – Preparing the Workplace for Coronavirus

Construction Work

Return to work procedures for construction sector

What are the responsibilities of employers during COVID-19

Legislated roles and responsibilities of employers

What employers need to implement in response to Covid-19

Return to Work (RTW) Preparedness

RTW Covid-19 Update

Compensation issues

RTW and Mental Health

Medical Surveillance and fitness for duty in the time of COVID-19

Preparing the workplace for Coronavirus

Biorisk Assessment for frontline workers

Frontline workers – PPE Use and Respirator fit testing

Biorisk assessment for frontline workers

Biorisk Assessment Tools

Donning and doffing of gloves and respirators

Training for Shop Stewards: Implications of COVID-19 on the Workplace

Workplace Preparedness for Shop Stewards

Screening Procedures & Follow-up

Training for GPs and Dentists

GPs and Dentists

Potential sources of exposure in the workplace


PPE Use and Respirator Fit Testing