Authors: Vetten MA, Yah CS, Singh T, Gulumian M

Source: Nanomedicine. 07 April 2014


Abstract: This review outlines and compares techniques that are currently available for the sterilization of nanoparticles and addresses the topic of endotoxin contamination. Several techniques are available for the removal of microbial contamination from nanoparticles developed for use in nanomedicine applications. These techniques include filtration, autoclaving and irradiation, as well as formaldehyde, ethylene oxide and gas plasma treatments. Of these sterilization methodologies, filtration may potentially remove microbial contamination without altering the physicochemical properties of the carrier nanoparticles, nor affecting their toxicity and functionality. However, no single process may be applied to all nanoparticle preparations and, therefore, it is recommended that each nanoparticle-drug system be validated on a case-by-case basis.

Keywords: Endotoxin, Nanoparticles, Sterilization