NIOH Executive Director

Dr Sophia Kisting

Dr Sophia Kisting is an Occupational Medicine Specialist with extensive clinical and preventive occupational health and safety experience at the national, regional and global level. She was the head of the ILO’s global Programme on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work for several years and was instrumental in the development of a human rights protective international labour standard on HIV/AIDS and the world of work.

She worked in the School of Public Health at UCT for 12 years. She is currently the Executive Director of the National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH) in South Africa. She was awarded the President of the Convocation Medal for 2017 by UCT in recognition of having made a significant contribution to the common good.

Messages from the Executive Director

ICOH 2018 Report Back

Jun 30th, 2018|

I am very proud of the NIOH staff members that participated in and made significant contribution to the ICOH congress in Dublin this year, which took place from 29 April – 4 May 2018. My [...]