Topical Issues

May 28, 2019

Working Conditions and Health Outcomes of Caddies Working in Golf Courses in the City of Johannesburg

Caddies are an essential part of the golf industry, which contributes over R58.4 billion to the South African economy. However, caddies are informal workers who are often marginalised. They do not benefit from occupational health and safety regulations or labour laws, have no or limited access to social protection and health care, especially in low to middle income countries. In addition, informal workers have very little control of hazardous exposures in their working environment. Thus, they generally have a higher […]
May 27, 2019

Support for the Universal Labour Guarantee – Fundamental Workers’ Rights

The International Labour Organisations (ILO) Global Commission  on  the  Future  of  Work,  launched  the  report  “Work  for  a Brighter  Future”. In  this  report  the Commission  recommends  establishing a  Universal  Labour  Guarantee. The  Committee  calls  for  a  Universal  Labour Guarantee including fundamental workers’ rights; an “adequate living wage”; limits on hours of work; and, and ensuring safe and healthy workplaces. This proposal allows for safety and health to be recognized as a fundamental principle and right at work. The International Occupational […]
May 23, 2019

World Environment Day – 5 June 2019

May 9, 2019

Focus on: Health & Safety at Work

May 3, 2019

World Hand Hygiene Day – Clean Your Hands and Save Lives

World Hand Hygiene Day, which is marked on 5 May globally, emphasises the importance of hand hygiene in health care to prevent infections including sepsis. According to WHO EMRO region the slogan of this year’s campaign is “It’s in your hands – prevent sepsis in health care”, which illustrates the important relationship between good infection prevention and control practices, such as washing your hands, and preventing sepsis. This World Hand Hygiene Day the NIOH, a WHO Collaborating Centre,  encourages all to be […]