NIOH Research Day

NIOH Research Day

Written by: Shanaz Hampson and Melissa Vetten

The 2018 NIOH Research Day was hosted on 30 October at the NIOH. This event aimed to provide an opportunity for emerging researchers at the NIOH to present their Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) research and demonstrate its impact on the health of workers and that of the surrounding communities.

Prof Nelson Torto, the Executive Director of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), and Prof Koleka Mlisana, the Executive Manager of AARQA, gave keynote presentations on the day. 12 oral presentations were made by NIOH staff and students; and 16 posters were presented. 160 delegates attended this event and feedback received from many that attended was positive. The Communication Section played YouTube videos of NIOH researchers discussing their work, on the day, and encouraged active engagement and participation on social media platforms. Prizes were given for the best oral and poster presentations. Mr Felix Made was awarded a prize for his oral presentation on: Coal Dust Exposure Assessment in the South African Coal mining Industry. Ms Tebogo Maeteletja was awarded the prize for best poster entitled: Respirable Dust Exposure Amongst Waste Reclaimers at a Landfill Site in Pretoria, South Africa.

The purpose of Research is to inform action. A great day for sharing ideas. Dr Kgokong, Prof Torto, Dr Kgarebe and Prof Mlisana

Dr Babatyi Malope-Kgokong (NHLS AARQA) and Ms Mantombi Maseme (NHLS Biobank) networking at the Research Day. NIOH Research Day provided an excellent opportunity for sharing ideas and opening up possibilities for future collaboration.

Delegates and staff were very active on Twitter throughout the event – engaging in NIOH OHS and commenting on the pearls of wisdom that Prof Torto, Prof Mlisana and colleagues provided on the day. Prizes were given to 2 of the best Tweets on the day. See below for some of the conversations generated on Twitter on the day: