Cancer Statistics

June 10, 2019

Usefulness of occupation and industry information in mortality data in South Africa from 2006 to 2015

Author(s): KS Wilson, N. Naicker, T. Kootbodien, V. Ntlebi, F. Made, N. Tlotleng Source: BMC Public Health (2019) 19: 866 Abstract: Background: There is no population based occupational health surveillance system in South Africa, thus mortality data may be a cost effective means of monitoring trends and possible associations with occupation. The aim of this study was to use deaths due to pneumoconiosis (a known occupational disease) to determine if the South African mortality data are a valid data source […]
May 10, 2019

Chirality, a neglected physico-chemical property of nanomaterial? A mini-review on the occurrence and importance chirality on their toxicity

Author(s): W. Utembe Source: Toxicology Letters 311 (2019) 58-65 Abstract: Toxicity assessments are required for nanomaterials which are being used in many fields such as medicines, electronics, pesticides, clothes and construction materials. One factor that usually affects toxicity of chemicals is chirality. This paper reviews the existence of chirality in nanoparticles and critically analyses the implications of chirality on toxicological risk assessment of nanoparticles. Chirality and optical activity arise from lack of symmetry, where an object is non-superimposable on its […]
May 10, 2019

Environmental silica dust exposure and pulmonary tuberculosis in Johannesburg, South Africa

Author(s): T. Kootbodien, S. Iyaloo, K. Wilson, N. Naicker, S. Kgalamono et al. Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2019, 16, 1867 Abstract: Background: Occupational crystalline silica dust exposure is associated with an elevated risk of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB). However, there is less evidence for an association with environmental silica dust exposure. Methods: A cross-sectional study of 310 participants was conducted in an exposed community living within 2 km of gold mine tailings and an unexposed population […]
April 21, 2019

African Herbal Remedies with Antioxidant Activity: A potential Resource Base for Wound Treatment

Authors: M Gulumian, ES Yahaya and V Steenkamp Source: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Vol 2018, Article ID 4089541. Summary: The use of traditional herbal remedies as alternative medicine plays an important role in Africa since it forms part of primary health care for treatment of various medical conditions, including wounds. Although physiological levels of free radicals are essential to the healing process, they are known to partly contribute to wound chronicity when in excess. Consequently, antioxidant therapy has been […]
April 21, 2019

Exploring the South African legacy of asbestos using routinely collected data

Authors: T Vorster, N Kgokong, JI Phillips Source: Occupational Health Southern Africa. Vol 24 No. 5 September/October 2018 Summary: Background: Despite the banning of asbestos in South Africa in 2008, potential exposure to asbestos remains a national problem. Identifying asbestos in structures and monitoring the air are crucial activities when demolition/renovation work is being conducted. The National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH) provides a service to analyse bulk samples and air filters for the presence of asbestos fibres. Details of […]
November 1, 2008

Health effects of amosite mining and milling in South Africa

Author Murray J, Nelson G Source Regul Toxicol Pharmacol 2008; 52(1):S75-81. Full text available online.