NIOH PublicationsThe NIOH devises, creates and disseminates many publications each year. Publications can be categorised into the following areas: Scientific publications, Pathology Disease Surveillance Reports (PATHAUT) and Cancer Statistics reports. The NIOH also creates educational and promotional material for stakeholders, students and industry.

Scientific Publications

The NIOH has an established research record of more than 50 years. Historically, our research focused on mineral particles and the health of miners; the focus has since expanded to include diverse topics and research programmes. To fulfil our role as a centre of excellence, the NIOH will in years to come, continue to do research and create publications on both traditional and emerging issues challenging occupational health, for the benefit of workers and stakeholders both locally and in the southern African region.

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The computerized autopsy database (PATHAUT) is recognized as a globally important asset, as well as a way of monitoring disease trends in South Africa. It has also functioned to guide the assessment of occupational hygiene standards and set levels of impairment. The data are the only comprehensive surveillance data on occupational lung disease in South African mining industry. In recent years the PATHAUT data have been summarized to produce an annual surveillance report.

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Cancer Statistics

The Cancer incidence report presents statistics of cancer cases that were newly diagnosed in 2000 and 2001 only. Cancer incidence rates are at times confused with cancer prevalence which is the number of existing cancer cases at a point in time, irrespective of the diagnosis date. It is important for the cancer report users to differentiate between these two disease measures. Health providers in a clinical setting are likely to see both new cases and those previously diagnosed elsewhere and therefore already on our database.

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