Cancer Statistics

The National Cancer Registry (NCR) collates and analyses cancer cases diagnosed in pathology laboratories (both public and private) nationwide and reports annual cancer incidence rates stratified by sex, age and population groups. The NCR methodology follows that recommended by the WHO/IARC.

The following Cancer Statistics are available for download. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the documents.

   2014 Full Data (PDF)

2013 Full Data (PDF)
  2012 Full Data (PDF)

    2011 Full Data (PDF)


    2010 Full data (PDF)

2009 Full Data (PDF)

   2008 Full Data (PDF)

   2007 Full Data (PDF)


  2006 Summary Information
  2006 Full Data (PDF)


   2005 Summary Information
   2005 Full Data (PDF)

   2004 Summary Information
   2004 Full Data (PDF)

   2003 Summary Information
   2003 Full Data (PDF)

   2002 Full Data (PDF)
   2002 Population Charts

   2001 Full Data (PDF)
   SA Population Charts 2001

   2000 Full Data (PDF)
   SA Population Charts 2000

Electronic reports of NCR cancer statistics from the following years are available on the CANSA website : 1993-1995, 1997, 1998-1999

Hard copies of the cancer statistic reports from 1986-1999 are available at the NCR offices in Johannesburg. Contact the NCR for more information.

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